Crofter's bedroom

Easter weekend available in Crofter’s Cottage which sleeps 2. From  Sunday 27th March until Tuesday 29th March at £200

The Arrival of Autumn


As the leaves begin to change in colour and fall, so the progression into Autumn starts. At Press Mains we have been enjoying the daily migration of birds overhead and the unmistakable honking of migratory geese, flying in formation over the farm land, as they head south for Winter. Some unlikely characters have been stopping […]

Sustainable Tourism at Press Mains

Global economists have forecast a continued international tourism growth; the amount of which is dependent on the geographical location. Additionally, tourism destinations and businesses are increasingly following responsible tourism policies and aiming for a goal of sustainable tourism, taking responsibility for the impact of their development within their chosen sector; endorsing environmental integrity and thus […]

Birds and Marine Wildlife


The RSPB regularly engage with followers and undertake an annual “Big Garden Birdwatch”, where our feathered friends, visiting gardens around the UK are logged and reported, with results appearing on the RSPB website. http://www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch/ Here at Press Mains, we actively promote the wildlife surrounding our cottages and encourage visitors to enjoy the peace, relaxation and […]

Returning Visitors at Press Mains

The hen bird is brooding 7 eggs on the CCTV

We love the onset of the season at Press Mains Cottages; as usual we are extremely busy on the farm; but we also see the return of our Summer wildlife and welcome back returning guests. Our wildlife cameras are proving to be a source of endless fascination in the cottages with guest reports in the […]

Spring has Sprung!

Seabird Centre Puffins

The glorious Easter weekend saw our guests otter watching as our resident friend munched his favourite frogs on the pond! Some were fortunate enough to get some rather excellent close-ups, so watch this space for fabulous wildlife photographs. The recent Border Tourism Fair at Springwood Park in Kelso has proved invaluable in making contact with […]

And so nesting begins….

nightly viewing of badgers on the CCTV

The resident wildlife at Press Mains has been very busy these last few days, preparing their nests for the arrival of this year’s offspring. The Press Mains badgers have been extremely active on the CCTV; much to our guests’ delight; with a lot of bedding material being bundled down in their setts – visitors in […]

Red Squirrel / Grey Squirrel


The weather has been mainly dry, sunny and remarkably mild until last night when we had a light covering of snow, which just serves to make our surrounding countryside even more beautiful, although spare a thought for the poor daffodils and snowdrops which had already put in an appearance beneath the hedgerows and lining the […]